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Fraud scams targeting small businesses range from strange office supply orders to fake invoices. A common fraud tactic is the fake Yellow Pages invoice or other unauthorized advertising. This type of fraud may be disguised as a solicitation for an update of an existing advertising product you’ve purchased, or as an offer for a free listing when it’s actually an order for a listing requiring payment at a later date. Other times, the communication may be disguised to look like it’s from Yellow Pages when it isn’t.

For tips and information on identifying this type of scam, download our guide: 

Below is a list of company names that have been known to send invoices but are NOT affiliated with Yellow Pages:

  • Yellow Holding Ltd.

  • YP Holdings LLC

  • Yellow Pages Directories inc.

  • Open Business Directory Ltd.

  • Factoring International AG 

  • Direct Factoring eood

  • American Yellow Group Inc.        

  • Yellow Pages Inc.

  • Online Services

  • Pages Jaunes - Direct Marketing South East Ltd.

  • 411 CanPages Inc.

  • Marketing Services & Business Administration Ltd.

Who to contact when you suspect fraud:

If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication purporting to be from Yellow Pages, please notify us by forwarding the email or fax to

Please note that is an automated mailbox for reporting suspicious fraudulent communications; responses will not be provided from this mailbox.


Fraud Prevention

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